Entry Test for Admissions Academic Year 2017-18

Entry Test for Admissions Academic Year 2017-18

Entrance Date

The first-year class of LL.B and LL.B (Hons) is only admitted once a year in the fall i.e. July/September. There is no admission to the first-year class at any other time of the year. In special circumstances, special admission may be granted by the Dean.


 admission to the applicants on two basis

Regular Admission
Provisional Admission

The students who have taken their ‘A’ Levels, B.A or equivalent degree exams and are waiting for their results are offered admission to LL.B Honors Part I only on provisional basis, provided they have good previous academic record. The students offered provisional admission will become regular upon filing their ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Levels, B.A or equivalent degree certificate at the Admission Office of the college.

Entrance Requirements
LL.B (University of Punjab)

To be considered for admission to PCL, the applicant must have earned a B.A or equivalent degree from an accredited College or University. He must have a good academic record and qualify in the personal interview.

Application Procedure

Applications for admission are to be submitted by hand or posted directly to:


LL.B Honors (University of London  International Programmes)

To be eligible to register for the LL.B you must be at least 17 years of age at the time of registration and have passes in:

  • either two subjects at GCE ‘A’ level and at least three further subjects at GCSE or GCE ‘O’ Level at grade C or above.
  • or three subjects at GCE ‘A’ level and one further subject at CGSE or GCE ‘O’ level at grade C or above
  • or two subjects at GCE ‘A’ level and two further subjects at ‘AS’ Level

There also exists the graduate entry route in which it’s required that you must be a graduate with a full first degree by examination awarded by an institution in Pakistan or elsewhere that is acceptable to the University

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (University of London  International Programmes)

The applicants for this programme are required to be 18 years or over in September of the year of Admission. The applicant must also have atleast F.A, F. Sc, ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Levels, or equivalent qualifications. It is further required that the applicant sits a legal reasoning test, the details of which are available from the College Admission Office.

B.A. – LL. B (University of Punjab)

To be eligible for this Programme the applicants must already have the qualifications of F.A. F. Sc, I. Com, or equivalent.

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